• GenSuite in use12m x 2.4m, insulated and secure building
  • 3m area for plant room
  • 9m area for customer use
  • 7kW peak PV system
  • 10kW peak option
  • Single or twin 3kW wind turbine on monopole
  • Diesel generator back-up option
  • Energy storage battery system
  • Remote monitoring
  • CCTV, security and fire alarm system options
  • Main features can be customised to meet customer requirements

Features & Benefits

  • Off-grid electricity generation
  • Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs compared to conventional diesel generators
  • Gensuite internal useFactory-fitted, tested systems
  • Rapid installation
  • Pre-fabricated building for ease of transport and deployment
  • Self-supporting building, which doesn’t require foundations or ground fixing


  • Telecommunications infrastructure and housing
  • Hostile territories
  • Disaster-relief telecommunications, medical centres, accommodation and amenities
  • Water filtration and purification systems
  • Portable offices and welfare facilities
  • Secure ITC facilities